[council] Invitation to Privacy Conference: 29 Nov. in Vancouver

Robin Gross robin at robingross.com
Thu Nov 10 23:22:14 UTC 2005

Dear Councilors,

Please join us on 29 November (2:00-6:30pm) in Vancouver at this 
important conference on international data protection and privacy issues 
related to the WHOIS database.

We expect a lively and informative exchange on these complex and 
sensitive issues - so please consider attending this open meeting.  Thanks.

See you in Vancouver,


Privacy Conference at Vancouver ICANN Meeting:
Building Bridges on ICANN’s Whois Questions

Tuesday, November 29th,  2:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Sponsors:  Noncommercial Users Constituency, Public Interest Registry & 
The Registry Constituency

++  Draft Agenda  ++

Session I:  Data Protection Commissioners, ccTLDs and Registrars

This session invites Data Protection Commissioners to discuss their data 
protection laws.  It also profiles several ccTLDs and Registrars who 
have changed their Whois procedures (or are in the midst of changing 
them) based on these laws.  What are the changes?  How are they working? 
  How do they allow personal data to be made available to those who need 
it?  (This session will feature considerable time for questions and 
discussion with the audience.)

Session II: Experts on Other Areas of Internet Privacy

The Whois debate takes place within the larger context of Internet 
privacy, but in the ICANN community we rarely refer to outside models. 
How do online service providers, ISPs and others handle requests for 
personal data in other Internet areas, including chatroom and email 
identities?  What do these models offer in our work on the Whois dilemma?

Session III:  Registrars, Registries and NCUC Present Their New Plans 
for the WHOIS Databases

Registries, Registrar and Noncommercial Users Constituency recently put 
forward different plans to change the gTLD Whois Database to provide 
protection for personal data.  For the first time in a public forum, 
they will present and discuss their proposals.  (Considerable time for 
input and discussion with the audience planned.)

Building Bridges to the Public.  This Conference will reach out to civic 
and social Internet-based organization throughout the world.  Attracting 
new organizations with their insights and concerns will help infuse the 
Conference and GNSO Whois process with a new level of interest and 

Questions/Suggestions.   If you have questions, suggestions for 
speakers, or organizations you think should be invited, please contact 
Kathryn Kleiman of the Noncommercial Users Constituency at 
KathrynKl at aol.com.

Open to All

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