[council] Should we move the Council meeting out a week?

Ken Stubbs kstubbs at afilias.info
Fri Nov 11 17:45:29 UTC 2005


moving it out one week to the 21st is fine with me ...

i would hope we would not be having one later in the same week as 
thursday the 24th is our Thanksgiving & i strongly doubt  many
US members of the council will be able to make that call..

Ken Stubbs

Bruce Tonkin wrote:

>Hello All,
>I have had a few emails from Council members saying they are not
>available for the next meeting.
>It is also not ideal for registrars that have meetings on next week, and
>will be travelling.   There is also the WSIS meeting on.
>I think the agenda is important.
>We could do it early next week (which may be difficult for me as I will
>be travelling), or simply have a formal Council meeting on the Monday
>morning (21 Nov)in Vancouver, followed by our usual meeting late in that
>Comments please.
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