[council] Should we move the Council meeting out a week?

tony.ar.holmes at bt.com tony.ar.holmes at bt.com
Fri Nov 11 17:46:39 UTC 2005


I would welcome the latter as I would be unable to participate in any
session early next week. This is a particularly difficult time for the
ISPCP as Tony Harris is also unavailable due to WSIS. 



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Hello All,

I have had a few emails from Council members saying they are not
available for the next meeting.

It is also not ideal for registrars that have meetings on next week, and
will be travelling.   There is also the WSIS meeting on.

I think the agenda is important.

We could do it early next week (which may be difficult for me as I will
be travelling), or simply have a formal Council meeting on the Monday
morning (21 Nov)in Vancouver, followed by our usual meeting late in that

Comments please.


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