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Tue Nov 29 16:33:55 UTC 2005

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) cordially invites attendees of
the Vancouver ICANN meeting to a panel discussion on the current
headline issues of Phishing, Phraud and Botnets.  The session will
take place Thursday, December 1st at 5 PM at Stanley Park Ballroom 1
and 2.  We will be presenting valuable information on the scale of
these problems and their effects on the domain registration system
and registrars.  Additionally, we'll cover the latest techniques used
by these criminals to defraud consumers and domain registrars, as
well as best practices and new ideas for combatting them.  The panel
will include members of the APWG who are on the front-lines of the
anti-phishing fight, along with peers from the registrar community
who have successfully implemented programs to prevent and quickly
eliminate fraudulent registrations abusing their services.  We hope
to use this opportunity to give you valuable tips that you can
implement right away to be able to eliminate abuse on your services.
We also wish to start discussions on procedures and policies that the
entire registration community can work on to make it harder for
criminals to so thoroughly abuse the Internet via the domain name
system.  This is designed to be an open discussion with plenty of
input from the assembled audience to get good ideas on the table.
The APWG wishes to include the domain registration community on the
team dedicated to making the Internet a safer place for all to use,
keeping the momentum moving forward for its continued health and growth.

If anyone has any input or questions ahead of the session, I've
included my contact information so they can reach me.  I will be in
Vancouver Tuesday evening (snow permitting).

Rod Rasmussen
Co-Chair APWG Phishing Data Repository Working Group
Director of Operations, Internet Identity
1 (888) 239-6932 ext. 84
1 (253) 590-4088
rod.rasmussen at internetidentity.com

Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!



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> From: "Bhavin Turakhia" <bhavin.t at directi.com>
> Date: November 28, 2005 7:53:52 PM PST
> To: "'Rod Rasmussen'" <rod.rasmussen at internetidentity.com>
> Subject: RE: APWG Request to discuss Phishing, Botnets and Internet  
> fraud with the Registrar Constituency
> Hi Rod,
> I have scheduled you for a 45 minute slot on Thursday itself at  
> 5:00 pm
> My canadian cellular number is +1-778-552-1689
> See you at 5:00pm. This will be in the same meeting room as the  
> registrar
> constituency meetings
> Make sure you announce this to glen and ask her to anounce it to  
> the other
> constituencies
> Thanks
> bhavin

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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