[council] Draft Agenda for GNSO public forum

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Wed Nov 30 00:07:23 UTC 2005

Hello All,

We have two hours available for the GNSO public forum on Friday.

Here is a draft agenda for consideration.  Please let me know if you
have any other suggestions/changes:

(1) Reports from GNSO constituency meetings on Thursday 1 Dec
- business users constituency
- gtld registries constituency
- Internet service and connection provider constituency
- non-commercial users constituency
- registrar constituency
- intellectual property constituencies

- update from the WHOIS task force on defining the purpose of WHOIS
- open mike

(3) Evaluation of recent round of new sponsored gtlds
- presentation my Miriam Shapiro on the process and lessons learnt
- open mike

(4) New TLDs
- outline of proposed terms of reference
- presentation by dotBERLIN on why there should be more TLDs
- open mike

(5) Internationalised domain names
- motion to request an issues report
- open mike

(6) Open mike on any other issues

Bruce Tonkin

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