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Grant FORSYTH Grant.Forsyth at team.telstraclear.co.nz
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Bruce and fellow Councillors
I have raised the matter of working with the staff to achieve more effective
outcomes from the GNSO Council and welcome the support of the Chair and
others to expedite this.
As one who advocated strongly during the Evolution and Reform Review for the
need for professional support of Council, I am happy to volunteer to work
with Olof and his staff.

I look forward to having a productive discussion with staff and other
interested Council members next Tuesday.


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Hello All,

Several Council members have suggested setting up a regular
administrative/planning call.

The purpose of the call would be to plan the work of the GNSO Council,
and work with the ICANN staff manager (Olof Nordling) to allocate
appropriate staff resources to this Council work.

I would like to work towards:
- a 4 month plan of projects that have GNSO and staff resources
allocated to them
- a 12 month plan that includes projects that are not able to be
resourced in the current 4 month period, plus an estimate of possible
work items that may arise in the next 12 months
- a 3 year plan that identifies major policy issues that may arise in
the next 3 years

The 12 month and 3 year plans will help provide input into ICANN overall
operational and strategic planning process.

The 4 month plan will also prioritise projects in order of importance.

We need to incorporate recommendations from the GNSO Council review into
the planning process.

Once we have a clearer planning framework, we can then consistently
report progress against that framework.   The reporting can be used to
report activities to the Board and wider community (perhaps we can work
towards a newsletter every 4 months for the GNSO community, as well as
an annual report on projects).

As Grant has raised this issue several times, and also carried out a
detailed review of the ICANN operational plan, I hope that Grant will
volunteer to chair a series of planning meetings.

Hopefully by the Vancouver meeting we will have a document that has
details for a 4 month plan, and then some short descriptions of 12 month
and 3 month views.

Note the planning process will not be creating any new policies, but
merely planning work on policies that have been discussed within regular
council meetings.  The outputs of the planning process would be shared
with the full Council.

I recommend an initial call next week for those Councillors that wish to
be involved:
E.g Tuesday 6 September, Coordinated Universal Time UTC 10:00

(6:00 Washington DC, 12:00 Brussels, 20:00 Melbourne, 22:00 Auckland)

Bruce Tonkin

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