[council] Council - Staff Admin Call - Change of time

Grant FORSYTH Grant.Forsyth at team.telstraclear.co.nz
Fri Sep 2 01:19:00 UTC 2005

Hi all
I have been asked to reconsider the time for the admin call and have changed
the time to better accommodate the USA.
The new time will be:
UTC 21.00 Monday 5 September which equals
Melbourne 7am Tuesday 6 September
New Zealand 9am Tuesday 6 September
Los Angeles 2pm Monday 5 September
Washington DC 5pm Monday 5 September
Sorry for changing things on people, but hopefully this accommodate more
people who might want to participate on the call
Glen, sorry, but this will necessitate your rescheduling the bridge.
I am developing an agenda with Olof and will circulate it about 24 hours
ahead of the call.
If you have any suggested inclusions, please forward them to Olof and I
off-list (just to keep this traffic off the normal Council list).

Grant Forsyth 
Manager Industry & Regulatory Affairs 
Cnr Taharoto & Northcote Roads 
Private Bag 92143 
ph +64 9 912 5759 
fx + 64 9 912 4077 
Mb 029 912 5759 

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