[council] GNSO Council approach to new gtld policy

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Fri Sep 2 11:38:39 UTC 2005

To: Chair, ICANN Board
CC: ICANN Secretary

Hello Vint,

The GNSO Council in its meeting of 1 September 2005, made the following
decision with respect to an approach for considering the development of
a comprehensive policy for new gTLDs.

I have attached a draft paper under development within the GNSO that
outlines the GNSO approach to addressing new gtld policy issues.

The Council decided to handle the work on new gtlds as three parallel
work streams:

(1)  Complete the evaluation of the introduction of the limited number
of new gTLDS, including considering the process and introduction of the
most recent new gTLDS (e.g .travel, .mobi, and .jobs).

(2) A single policy development process which would look at issues
*	whether to continue to introduce new gTLDs 
*	the criteria for approving applications for new gTLDs 
*	the allocation method, assuming that there was a limit to how
many gTLDs could be introduced at once
*	the key contractual conditions for those gTLDs which might
include conditions such as : escrow policies, obligation to use an ICANN
accredited registrar etc. 

(3) A policy development process to be undertaken in collaboration with
the ccNSO for the introduction of new TLDs that use an internationalized
domain name string

The GNSO will be seeking a budget to obtain expert advice to assist in
these policy development initiatives.

The GNSO will be fleshing out the draft approach in consultation with
ICANN staff, and will keep the Board informed of developments.   Once
the GNSO Council has a clear work program with timelines, the GNSO
Council will request a meeting with the ICANN Board to discuss in more

Bruce Tonkin
Chair, GNSO Council
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