FW: [council] GNSO Council extract from draft minutes 1 September 2005- suggested changes/expansion

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Hi, someone let me know that my attachment with changes to the minutes to
make them more detailed and capture the nature of the discussion and
thoughtfulness with which the Council approached this topic
I didn’t see
that in the original very short version


 Here it is again
 I made many changes. As noted, I hadn’t read Bruce’s
document at the time. I’ll look at the two of them now together. They need
to be consistent, of course. 



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Dear Glen, thanks for the great turn around. The minutes, however, are a bit
too terse to provide a full sense of the nature and scope of the discussion.
It is important for the reader to understand that the Council was fully
engaged, and considered several alternatives before finalizing a
recommendation. I’ve added in some elaboration that moves this into that


The Board won’t listen to the MP3/the minutes need to have enough detail to
note that the Councilors were fully engaged, and considering all the
relevant aspects, etc. 


Hope this is helpful
 of course, feel free to reject anything not useful. I
did this from memory/rough notes
 so may have missed/or even misunderstood





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1 September 2005 

Proposed agenda and
<http://www.gnso.icann.org/meetings/agenda-gnso-1sep05.htm>  related

List of attendees:
Philip Sheppard - Commercial & Business Users C. - absent - apologies
Marilyn Cade - Commercial & Business Users C. 
Grant Forsyth - Commercial & Business Users C
Greg Ruth - ISCPC 
Antonio Harris - ISCPC 
Tony Holmes - ISCPC
Thomas Keller- Registrars - absent - apologies proxy to Ross Rader/Bruce
Ross Rader - Registrars 
Bruce Tonkin - Registrars 
Ken Stubbs - gTLD registries 
Philip Colebrook - gTLD registries 
Cary Karp - gTLD registries 
Lucy Nichols - Intellectual Property Interests C - absent - apologies -
proxy to Niklas Lagergren/Kiyoshi Tsuru 
Niklas Lagergren - Intellectual Property Interests C
Kiyoshi Tsuru - Intellectual Property Interests C. - absent 
Robin Gross - Non Commercial Users C. - absent 
Norbert Klein - Non Commercial Users C. - absent 
Alick Wilson - Nominating Committee appointee - absent - apologies - proxy
to Bruce Tonkin 
Maureen Cubberley - Nominating Committee appointee - absent - apologies 
Avri Doria - Nominating Committee appointee 

12 Council Members

Olof Nordling - Manager, Policy Development Coordination 
Maria Farrell - ICANN GNSO Policy Support Officer - absent 
Liz Williams - Senior Policy Counsellor 
Glen de Saint Géry - GNSO Secretariat 

GNSO Council Liaisons
Suzanne Sene - GAC Liaison 
Bret Fausett - acting ALAC Liaison - absent

Michael Palage - ICANN Board member 

MP3 Recording  <http://gnso-audio.icann.org/GNSO-Council-20050109.mp3> 

Quorum present at 14:05 CET.

Bruce Tonkin chaired this teleconference. 

Bruce Tonkin clarified that the outcome of the GNSO teleconference would be
conveyed, as a response that had been requested via the CEO, Dr. Paul
Twomey, to the ICANN Board. The following step would be to work on the
detail of the proposed approach to moving forward with the development of
policy for new gtlds and report the Council's progress to the Board.

Bruce Tonkin proposed seeking a high level decision that the GNSO Council
would develop two policy development processes with the need to engage
outside experts to assist in the two separate processes.

1. A policy development process which would look at the issues including 
- whether to introduce gTLDs, 
- the criteria for approving applications for new gTLDs 
- the allocation method, assuming that there was a limit to how many gTLDs
could be introduced at once 
- the key contractual conditions for those TLDs which might include
conditions such as: escrow policies, obligation to use an ICANN accredited
registrar etc. 

2. A policy development process to be undertaken in collaboration with the
ccNSO for the introduction of IDNs at the root level.

3. The expectation that the evaluation of the previous round of new gTLDs
would continue and the remaining work would be completed.

4. The GNSO will be seeking a budget to obtain expert advice to assist in
these policy development initiatives.

Bruce Tonkin called for a decision and council unanimously decided, by voice
to support the decision. 

In discussion: 
Marilyn Cade supported the approach with the caveat to the Board that
additional resources, in the nature of expert advice, were needed.
Cary Karp cautioned in responding with regard to developments in the IDN
components relating to the cc development. It should be emphasised that it
was not only issues specific to the gTLD situation and thus a clear platform
would be required as reference to provide advice to the entire situation as
it would unfold across the TLD space in IDNs in a global situation.
Ross Rader suggested that a compilation of work on IDNs, similar to that
which was done on new gTLDs should be undertaken. 

Bruce Tonkin declared the GNSO meeting closed and thanked everybody for
The meeting ended: 16: 00 CET. 

*         Next GNSO Council Teleconference Thursday 8 September 2005 at
12:00 UTC. 
see: Calendar <http://gnso.icann.org/calendar/> 


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