[council] GNSO Council approach to new gtld policy

Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Mon Sep 5 08:18:48 UTC 2005

Bruce, Council, apologies again for not being able to join you on last
week's gTLDs call but I was unable to leave a meeting in Berlin as I had
hoped to do.
Nevertheless, I am pleased to see that I believe Council made the right
decision re next steps.

It was clear from page 17 line 38 of Olaf's excellent document that in May
2003 the GNSO council in responding to the Board had proposed a PDP to
consider " a set of objective criteria" for further gTLDs. There is further
guidance on Council's intention in the minutes of that meeting.  To my mind
Council had been waiting since then for Board reaction.

The outcome of the call last week is to confirm that earlier Council
resolution, provide some extra detail and to go ahead with a PDP.
This is good work and the right direction. We should be thoughtful, as we
begin our work, on what we intend by objective criteria.


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