[council] An idea to progress work on PDP

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 6 14:50:49 UTC 2005

I have been thinking that the 20 recommendationns from GNSO review do indeed deserve some dev. Of priority and Mariajs very helpful materials are providing much of the organization to see the full scope of work ahead of us on administrative side. For today's Planning call, I plan to propose a suggested way to advance work in this area, taking a "leaf" from the CCNSO last meeting, and repeating something we have done as Council when wkg as a committee of the whole. I believe a subgroup of Former TF chairs, present TF chairs, Council chair, and representatves from CCNSO could spend a productive set of modifications to the PDP, based on lessons learned. The group should be inclusive of the ALAC liaison to both SOs, of course. Its purpose would be to work in a very rapid process of brainstorming possible changes, with a short term view and a longer term view, and presenting a draft/straw proposal for changes which would then need to become part of a formal change process. 
And could support the staff preparation of an issues report. Recognizing that the expertise today lies with the TF chairs, and Our Secretariat, and with the implementation staff-- Tim, Tina, etc, from the past experience in policy development, using a sesion of actual work dedicated to thid in VC could advance the process. But avoid dragging this segment of the analysis out or burdening staff with ind. Interviews to dig out historical information to develop an issues report.
I'd suggest possibly the afternoon session while the board is "retreating" forms a good 4 hour working segment. 

Just an idea to advance this work item. As the Council will note I have raised concern with trying to do a second review of the PDP within the ToR for the GNSO review. Having decided that modification of the PDP is needed in the Council Review, it seems more useful to do the process of making the needed changes, than to again review the need for changes. 

If there sems merit in this approach to advancing the work, then we would need to get scheduled time for VC, which is why I'm mentioning it on today's call. But primarily I'd like to hear from fellow councilors about this approach. Remember we have access to our colleagues from CCNSO in VC. Would take outreach to them of course to invite their participation. 

Comments very welcomed. 

Marilyn Cade

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