[council] Draft Agenda for GNSO Council teleconference on Thursday 22 September 2005

Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Thu Sep 15 12:22:12 UTC 2005

might I suggest a slight change to your proposals for agenda item 4 to
reflect past input from constituencies on these issues?

Item 4: Policy Development Process for new gtlds
- initiate vote for an issues report  (as per annex A, Section 1 (b)) of
the bylaws)

- issues report to contain background material on:
*	whether to continue to introduce new gTLDs 
- collect previous submissions from constituencies on new gTLDs
*	the criteria for approving applications for new gTLDs 
- collect previous material used for .org and .net tenders and collect
previous submissions from constituencies on criteria for new gTLDs
*	the allocation method, assuming that there was a limit to how many
gTLDs could be introduced at once
- collect previous input (e.g OECD etc) and collect previous submissions
from constituencies on allocation
*	the key contractual conditions for those gTLDs which might include
conditions such as : escrow policies, obligation to use an ICANN accredited
registrar etc.
- collect current significant conditions from new gTLD agreements and
previous inputs from constituencies on contract conditions.

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