[council] Updated Draft Agenda for GNSO Council teleconference on Thursday 22 September 2005

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Fri Sep 16 09:22:50 UTC 2005

Hello All,

I have added an update from Glen on the schedule for the Vancouver
meeting to agenda item 2, and added a separate agenda item 7 to address
whether to initiate an issues report on single letter domain names at
the request of Marilyn Cade.

Bruce Tonkin

Updated Draft Agenda for Council meeting Thursday 22 September 2005

Coordinated Universal Time UTC 12:00

(5:00 Los Angeles, 8:00 Washington DC, 14:00 Brussels, 22:00 Melbourne)

Item 1: Approval of minutes
- teleconference - 18 August 2005

Item 2: Staff action items
- list of current GNSO work items
- status report on single letter domain names
- update on statements of interest and amendment to the bylaws
- GNSO Councillors induction proposal for Vancouver
- GNSO session in ICANN newcomers session at Vancouver
- update from Glen on Vancouver meeting schedule

Item 3: Evaluation of new gtlds (.biz, .info etc as well as .travel,
.jobs. .mobi etc)
- determine next steps
- clearly define remaining questions
- a 30 day comment period - require constituency statements, registry
operator statements
- staff to produce evaluation report
- identify time required from staff

Item 4: Policy Development Process for new gtlds
- initiate vote for an issues report  (as per annex A, Section 1 (b)) of
the bylaws)

- issues report to contain background material on:
*	whether to continue to introduce new gTLDs 
- collect previous submissions from constituencies on new gTLDs
*	the criteria for approving applications for new gTLDs 
- collect previous material used for .org and .net tenders
*	the allocation method, assuming that there was a limit to how
many gTLDs could be introduced at once
- collect previous input (e.g OECD etc)
*	the key contractual conditions for those gTLDs which might
include conditions such as : escrow policies, obligation to use an ICANN
accredited registrar etc.
- collect current significant conditions from new gTLD agreements

Item 5: Policy development for IDNs
- recommend request staff to provide a background document listing all
past Board decisions regarding the implementation of IDNs, and the
status of the IDN guidelines 
- this can be a precursor to motion to request an official issues report
- establish clearly roles of:
-- President's Advisory Committee on IDN
-- IDN registry review group (gtld and cctld reps) to development
Guidelines for the Implementation of the IETF IDN standards
-- GAC work on IDNs
-- GNSO/ccNSO policy development initiative

Item 6: Draft terms of reference for GNSO Review
- review current version

Item 7: Discussion whether to initiate an "issues report" on single
letter domain names ((as per annex A, Section 1 (b)) of the bylaws))

Item 8: Update on GNSO Planning teleconferences

Item 9: Any other business

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