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Dear Council members,

Please find some notes from the Vancouver planning meeting on 20
September 2005.

Principle theme of the meeting was to identify difficulties and
challenges in the scheduling and make sure that the requirements of all
groups were known.

The biggest issue was that a day has been removed from the schedule. In
the last two ICANN meetings a day was added between constituency day and
the public forum. It is a real challenge for the Vancouver meeting,
because there are even more meetings scheduled than in the past.

Diane has confirmed that Monday will be a working day for the GNSO -
GNSO Councillors should plan to arrive in time to start work on Monday

There will be another logistics planning meeting at the end of next week
to flesh out the details of the GNSO program. For now, here is the
current essential information.

- Tuesday November 29 morning - the GAC /GNSO WHOIS workshop

- Wednesday November 30 - (tentative) DNSSEC deployment workshop,
   GAC, ALAC, ccNSO meetings. Apart from those nothing specified as yet.

- Thursday December 1 - GNSO Constituency day, Opening ceremony -
Prime minister of the Province of British Columbia has expressed an
interest in coming.

- Friday December 2 morning - (TENTATIVE) IDN workshop which is a joint
effort with the GAC
- Friday December 2 afternoon - Public Forum

- Saturday December 3 morning - Public Forum

- Sunday December 4 morning - Board meeting

Other points to note are:

Steve Crocker has also asked for a public meeting of the SSAC Committee
presenting a report of their work, a general discussion on security and
stability issues and an examination of glitches in the update process
for the root, which may be placed late one afternoon/early one evening.

ASO is going to meet with joint schedules

There will be no separate WSIS session; reporting on what happened at
the Summit will be done during the public forum.

No information yet about the strategic/operational planning sessions.

ICANN meetings are expanding and at the time the venue is chosen, the
specifications fit. However 18 months later when the reality occurs
there are more groups more workshops and the requests change.

The plan is to have ongoing meetings with the "program" group to get
into a planning mode that meets the needs of local hosts as well as
community needs. Diane will have more time to be involved on an earlier
and more regular basis.  To improve meeting planning for the future, a
face to face meeting of the program group is planned in Canada.

The goal is to hear from the different groups what is not being done
that should be done at ICANN meetings.  I.e. does the workshop-type
program and schedule meet the needs of the people coming to the meeting,
or should the focus be on the constituencies, the supporting
organisations, their meetings and their interactions between each other?

Kind regards,
Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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