[council] ICANN Regoinal Liaison: Jacob Malthouse

Liz Williams liz.williams at icann.org
Thu Sep 22 18:24:31 UTC 2005



I said on the Council call today that ICANN's first Regional Liaison has
been appointed.  Jacob Malthouse is responsible for Canada and the
Caribbean.  He is based in the MdR office reporting to Theresa Swinehart.


MF and I had a conference call with Jacob yesterday to give him a brief
overview of the GNSO and we also discussed how the RL function could support
the work of the GNSO especially in terms of outreach and building


If you have specific ideas about how the GNSO can make good use of the
regional liaison initiatives, could you please let Maria Farrell know?  She
will funnel great ideas to Jacob which we can expect to see in action over
the next few months.




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