[council] PDP timelines

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
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So, should I assume that we are all in agreement with the need to close a
PDP, when results /agreement can't be reached? That would be a logical
outcome, as we assess how policy development is done in industry and NGOs. 

In government, unfortunately, once started, the logic is ... a policy/law,
regardless of whether it is needed.  Witness WSIS.. :-(

So, I would welcome your thoughts on this and how we address the challenge,
so to speak... when can we "cry uncle"... so to speak?

As to whether a drop dead date is the right answer, one has to be very
mature in consideration of policy development. Sometimes, the right answer
is 'not now, but perhaps in the future", and schedule a "next assessment".

Perhaps that is what you are recommending -- I wasn't sure.


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Hello Ken,

> I am becoming a firm believer in the concept of a "drop dead" date for
> I believe that we need to insure against "perpetuity" by providing in
the process > a "reasonable" time period for completion.. If the time
period is not met then 
> that specific PDP would expire and an entirely new PDP would have to
be initiated.

I agree witht eh concept above.

I still believe that the Council does need some flexibility to manage a
process and timelines - taking into account the complexity of an issue,
holiday periods, natural disasters etc.  I think the current PDP
timelines are unrealistic with the requirement for wide consultation.
I would however be fine with a time limit (e.g 6 months for any given

I also agree with Ross and Tom that we need to have done much of the
background information seeking etc before we start the formal PDP.

Bruce Tonkin


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