[council] Ad promotion of Call for Papers on new gTLDs

Olof Nordling olof.nordling at icann.org
Wed Jan 11 11:22:55 UTC 2006

Dear Cary,
Apologies for not responding quicker to your question - it's been pretty
hectic meeting various material and payment deadlines the last couple of
Anyway, as I'm sure you have realized, the ads are now firmly with the
respective publications and I trust you and others will find them a useful
addition to our efforts of soliciting valuable input.
Best regards

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> I don't think we ever agreed that someone would read a paper, 
> similar to an academic conference. We were clear that we would 
> provide opportunities for summary presentations/discussions of 
> contributions on some basis.

The call as posted on the ICANN site says:

"Received papers will be considered for oral presentations to the 
GNSO Council during February 2006, via scheduled conference calls 
with the GNSO Council."

If the oral presentations are only to be summary descriptions of the 
papers and nothing is said about any other mode of publication, why 
would anyone undertake the time and effort of preparing a 
"substantive paper"?

Any chance of the Council seeing the ad copy before we commit to it?


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