[council] GNSO Council call: Fwd from John C. Klensin on Item 4 IDNs

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Fri Jan 13 10:20:13 UTC 2006

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Dear Council Members,

John Klensin has kindly agreed to rearrange his schedule to be available 
on the GNSO Council cal, 17 January 2006, for Item 4: IETF draft on IDN 
- discuss document authored by John Klensin and Patrik Fältström
- see http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-iab-idn-nextsteps-01.txt

John Klensin has requested that the following be forwarded to the Council:

(2) The GNSO Council must understand that
draft-iab-idn-nextsteps-01.txt is a working document in progress
so, while this may be the right timing for your schedule, it may
be somewhat premature with regard to any final recommendations
that might appear.  In fact, a revision, that will produce
draft-iab-idn-nextsteps-02.txt, is now underway.  I expect that
revision to be posted sometime next week.  That might slip a
bit, but it is also possible that the revision will be posted
before your teleconference.  The final version may differ
significantly from either the current draft ("-01") or next
week's version ("-02").  Only the IAB can determine the content
of the final version and when and if to publish it.  While I
will be happy to relay any comments that are put to me during
the discussion (or the GNSO may send those comments directly to
iab at iab.org), the Council should be aware that I am no longer on
the IAB and hence cannot answer any questions about what they
might do and when.

(3) I will be prepared to respond to questions and, to the
degree possible consistent with the above, discuss the general
strategic issues associated with the draft.  Unless you advise
me that something else is needed, I am not intending to go
through the draft on a section by section or recommendation by
recommendation basis but will instead assume that Council
members have familiarized themselves with it in advance.

Thank you,
Kind regards,
Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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