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ICANN posts GNSO report to the Board on a policy recommendation on
potential conflicts between Whois obligations and national laws
03 January 2006

ICANN is posting - for information - the GNSO report to the ICANN Board
(PDF) on the GNSO's 'Recommendation for a Procedure for Handling
Conflicts between a Registrar/Registry's Legal Obligations under Privacy
Laws and their Contractual Obligations to ICANN'. The policy
recommendation was developed by the Whois Task Force of the GNSO and
approved by a supermajority vote by the GNSO Council. The Whois Task
Force also developed a set of advice to ICANN staff to guide the
development of the procedure. If the policy recommendation is approved
by the Board, the Board will direct ICANN staff to develop, with the
GNSO Council, a procedure which would handle any future conflicts in
this area.

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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