[council] Status of meeting planning for Feb 2006 in Washington

Lucy.Nichols at nokia.com Lucy.Nichols at nokia.com
Tue Jan 24 11:46:52 UTC 2006

Either location is fine with me.


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>> current date under consideration is around 21 Feb 2006
>There are several other events in Europe close to this time 
>and I would not be able to make a meeting in Washington DC on 
>that date.
>> how about relocating the meeting to Frankfurt. I haven't ask but I'm 
>> sure DENIC would certainly provide us with a meeting accomodation.
>> The DENIC headquarter is about 15 Minutes away from the 
>airport and in 
>> walking reach of several adequate hotels.
>For obvious reasons, this venue would be preferable for me. 
>What would the difference in aggregate travel distance be for 
>the entire Council if we were to meet in Germany rather than in the US?

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