[council] Notice of motion regarding statements of interest

Thomas Keller tom at schlund.de
Wed Jan 25 15:42:08 UTC 2006


just for clarities sake. No disclosure under either of the two 
paragraphs will lead to a situation in which a council member
will "have to" refrain from casting a vote, right. We are still
talking about transparency not neutrality.



Am 25.01.2006 schrieb Bruce Tonkin:
> Hello All,
> Following the various discussions on the mailing list around conflict of
> interest, I would like to propose the following motion to ensure we have
> something in place in the short term while the issue is considered
> further by the many experts on the Council in this area.  The motion
> merely requires Council members to declare their interests publicly and
> does not cover issues of abstaining or voting in relation to interests.
> Proposed motion:
> "That the GNSO approves the following statement of interest policy:
> (1) At least annually each Council member, and liaison to the GNSO
> Council, provide a standing statement for publication setting forth all
> business and other affiliations which relate in any way to the business
> and other affiliations of the ICANN legal entity.
> (2) With respect to any particular matter then pending before the
> Council, each Council member should disclose any relationship or other
> factor that could reasonably be considered to cause the member to be
> considered to have a material Financial Interest (as defined in the
> ICANN Board's Conflict of Interest policy), or who serves as a Director
> or Officer of any entity with which the ICANN legal entity has a
> transaction, contract, or other arrangement."
> If you would like to second this motion - please post a note to the
> Council list.
> Regards,
> Bruce Tonkin



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