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Thank you for your very elaborate explanation.  I appreciate it.

I am very much aware of your background and involvement in the
internationalization issues, John, along with your distinguished career. I
thank the Internet for that.  It is also a privilege that ICANN is assisted
by you, as it would be the same for me, to meet with you some day.  I am
glad Tina and co. has given us the opportunity to discuss the very complex
issues we are dealing with at ICANN regarding policy over IDNs.

To clarify my point, John, my reference to asking Tina on the question

I was also not aware that John was involved in the 'testbed' scenario until
I saw the attachment you sent, based on some of his responses in the Council
meeting.  Would he be *working on that with you. *

was specific to the 'test beds' as you can see,and comes directly from the
question I asked you during our Jan 17 meeting, on the 'test beds' while
discussing the IETF Draft doc on the IDN issues.

Your response to me* interalia,* you did *not recommend personally the test
beds, was not personally involved in the development of the
guidelines except peripherally etc...*   I suppose that threw me off and I
was trying to confirm your involvement from this specific subject and
not necessarily your involvement within the  'internationalization'  issues,
to which again, we are grateful for your input.

I hope that shades some light of where I was coming from, and provide
clarification to my question.

Thanks again for your response (all) and kind regards,


On 26/01/06, John C Klensin <klensin at jck.com> wrote:
> Sophia,
> Let me respond to the part of this that asks about my
> involvement...
> --On Thursday, 26 January, 2006 13:46 -0800 Sophia B
> <sophiabekele at gmail.com> wrote:
> >...
> > 2) I was also not aware that John was involved in the
> > 'testbed' scenario until I saw the attachment you sent, based
> > on some of his responses in the Council meeting.  Would he be
> > working on that with you.
> I am very involved in internationalization issues although the
> main focus of my work is outside of ICANN.  I've been heavily
> involved in the design of the protocols themselves, procedures
> for registering of labels containing Chinese characters,
> alternative models for IDN TLDs, and generally in trying to
> figure out how to maximize the value of IDNs without in the
> process reducing the value or utility of the DNS itself.  In
> that context, I've been thinking about testbeds and ways to
> proceed; the notes you saw represent some of my writing on the
> subject.   In addition, various of Cary, Patrik, Tina, several
> others, and myself seem to end up having frequent conversations
> about various internationalization, language, and character set
> issues, including but not limited to IDNs.
> In terms of "working on that" and other activities in the ICANN
> context, there was a plan for me to assume a support role for
> Tina and others in developing and explaining ICANN's plans and
> efforts related to IDNs.  That presumably would have included
> direct or indirect support for GNSO and ccNSO Council efforts.
> That plan abruptly ended last summer when ICANN's senior
> management informed me that they had concluded that they saw no
> need for any assistance from me in IDN-related areas.   I have
> not asked Tina, and would consider it inappropriate to do so,
> but I assume that, if she were consulted on that decision, she
> favored keeping me involved.  To put the rest of this in
> context, I participated in the call because the request was to
> discuss a draft IAB report and I feel some obligation to help
> with IAB issues.   Otherwise, had the request to participate in
> the call or otherwise support an ICANN effort come from ICANN
> staff or the GNSO, given the way things were left in August, I
> would have been obligated to respond to the invitation by asking
> for a purchase order.
> regards,
>    john

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