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Dear Colleague, I have undertaken to develop some names in the area of
economics/related studies that can be considered as experts for the PDP 06
work. However, I strongly urge that we, as Council, undertake to develop a
broader strategy, and supportive recommendation for the identification,
retention, or consultation with 'independent experts'.


I'm delighted to see in the Operational Plan identification of the need for
an economist for ongoing consultation for staff, and for the TFs/Council. 


But, since that may take a while. I've tried to gather some possible names.
I did a web search, and also talked to the OECD and to the EC Competition
authorities and came up with a few names to suggest for PDP 06. 


Dr. Martin Cave, London

Dr. Andrew Odlyzko, University of Minn., USA

Dr. Sam Paltridge, OECD 

Dr. Michael Katz - former FCC and FTC economist


I also think we need competition authorities to 'consult' with. The European
Commission has used a firm - Analyses Consulting, offices in London and US -
to study competition. They also have an excellent report on the status of
competition in various markets in Europe and it might be that we could
'borrow' some discussion time with them.


We can invite experts from government agencies to 'discuss with us' and not
pay them, since they wouldn't be able to take compensation. They would have
to be speaking from present positions or views about their countries' laws,
or perspectives, tough, not freelancing or speculating, but that kind of
dialogue could also be beneficial. 


I suggest that we invite an anti trust attorney - but not the retained
counsel for ICANN, but someone independent, as well. 



So, I'd suggest a competition and anti trust authority from the US FTC,
European Commission, and perhaps Australia or Japan. I can get some names
from contacts I have, probably.  There is also a possibility of anti-trust
expertise from one of the NGOs. 


I've been giving thought to the practicality of our calendars, and we may
need to show some flexibility in our scheduling of the planned face to face.





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As I haven't received any further inputs since the Marrakech meeting, I will
be proceeding with the release of the Preliminary Report by Wednesday 19
July, COB Brussels time. This will enable all Council members the chance to
read the report prior to the Council meeting on Thursday 20 July.


I am working on developing, as per the minutes of the Marrakech meeting,
suggestions for expert materials for the group to review through August and
September. I will distribute a draft for comment as quickly as I can.


Of course, any questions or last minute comments, please come back to me.


Kind regards.





Liz Williams

Senior Policy Counselor

ICANN - Brussels

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