[council] Version 2: Proposed motion regarding Personal Data that is collected and retained by registrars

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Thu Jul 20 05:48:59 UTC 2006

Hello Marilyn,

> The key point I am trying to make is 
> that staff could select only European ccTLDs  -- it might 
> appear to be 'representative' but really isn't. I am quite 
> aware of the great diversity of the ccTLD community, since I 
> used to represent a MNC that registered in over 35 ccTLDs, 
> and when I co-chaired the WHOIS TF, we talked to probably 
> 10-12 different ccTLDs and learned a great deal about their 
> diversity. The mere difference of civil law versus common law 
> creates a diversity. And the different models -- strong 
> government involvement, no government involvement, benevolent 
> government involvement -- and other models still emerging... 
> all speak to the need to have 'representative ness'
> not only geographical, but beyond that...

I will update the motion with your suggestions about having a suitably
diverse range.

> So, not willing to give up that criteria.  I know that you 
> are very familiar with .au, but .au is one among many 
> different models. I think the point is to create a 'diverse' 
> and representative consultation -- and NOT to restrict 
> ourselves to only those TLDS that we presently 'know' as 
> individual councilors.


Incidentally, Melbourne IT is a global registrar, and registers in over
200 cctlds for our corporate customers (I think we support close to 300
when you consider second levels like .com.au, .co.jp etc) so I am also
personally aware of the diversity that you describe.

Bruce Tonkin

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