[council] Reason for vote on Motion One on the WHOIS service on 060720

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu Jul 20 13:26:23 UTC 2006


Having just voted affirmatively for a motion I spoke against, I  
figured I should put a brief explanation into the record.

As I stated during the call and in previous emails I think:

- council members should always be free to explain their votes if  
they so desire and that it should not take a special motion to enable  
this activity.

- task force members are always free to, and in fact responsible for,  
paying attention to input from the community and from other stakeholders

- it seems like it should be standard policy for the council to  
consult with the advisory committees before making a final decision  
on the final report from a task force.  In fact I thought this was  
one of the reasons for liaison relationships. (BTW, I have wondered  
whether we should we have reciprocal liaisons on the advisory  

- the council should always consider a report carefully and  
reconsider any of its previous decisions in the light of new analyses  
or new facts.

For the reasons above, I thought that most of the motion was at best  

I did think that it would be useful for the staff to produce a  
summary of the input and was unwilling to vote against a motion that  
was explicit in its support of council openness.

I, therefore, voted affirmatively.


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