[council] CANCEL - Propose cancelling GNSO Council meeting on 8 June 2006

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Fri Jun 2 09:11:08 UTC 2006

Hello All,

I propose cancelling the scheduled GNSO Council meeting on 8 June 2006.

We have had two conference calls this week to interview the Board
candidates, and I am aware that constituencies have also been holding
conference calls to interview the Board candidates.

Next week there is a WHOIS task force as well as a PDP-Feb06 task force

Given that there are no documents to review at this time or major
decisions to be made, I see no reason to hold a full Council call on 8
June 2006.

With respect to scheduling for the Morocco meetings - this will continue
to happen in the background, and the staff will keep the Council
informed as the schedule evolves.   The GNSO Secretariat will continue
to take any input from Council members.

As the election process progresses I will look at scheduling a Council
call to affirm any winning candidate, and we can cover off any other
issues at that time.

Bruce Tonkin

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