[council] GNSO working group of volunteers conversant with the IDN issues

Ken Stubbs kstubbs at afilias.info
Fri Jun 2 23:30:07 UTC 2006

Ken Stubbs wrote:

Mawaki's point is well taken here !!


Mawaki Chango wrote:
> --- Marilyn Cade <marilynscade at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Two more points. 
>> I realize that we agreed to put forward three Council
>> representatives,
>> however, I am rethinking the practicality of that... The
>> BC does want to
>> provide a name abut we appreciate that other
>> constituencies will as well. 
> Then the question that comes to mind (at least to mine) is to
> ask if the purpose here is to represent individual constituency
> (interests) (in which care it's just fair that every
> constituency be represented, if it will), or to have individuals
> that are IDN-"conversant" representing the two SOs.
> In fact, I have an even deeper confusion... The wording of the
> Decision 4 lets me think that there is a first WG (of IDN
> "conversant" indididuals, I assume Council members, the number
> of which is not determined by the Decision 4), then that WG
> will, among other things, form a sub-working group, "a joint
> GNSO/ccNSO working group" 3+3... And supposedly, we are now
> volunteering for the latter, to represent the GNSO, am I
> correct? Or are we still to form the first WG whose size is
> formally unknown to date?
> BTW, a suggestion: could we please have at the GNSO's front
> page, a link to all the temporary or non statutorial groups -
> working groups, TFs, (advisory) committees, focus groups, etc.
> etc. I must confess I'm incapabable to tell how many of those we
> have running currently (even after consulting the web site), and
> it's embarrassing.
> Mawaki
> --
> Decision 4: That the GNSO Council forms a GNSO working group of 
> volunteers, conversant with the IDN issues raised in the IDN
> issues 
> report.
> The purpose of the working group would be to:
>>>> snip>>>>
> (5) select three representatives to interact with the three
> ccNSO 
> representatives to form a separate joint GNSO/ccNSO working
> group to:
> (5.1) agree on the priority issues and determine whether to
> examine the 
> issues as a single "joint" PDP, or as two separate PDPs
> (5.2) provide a report to the GNSO and ccNSO Councils with 
> recommendations for terms of reference of one or more PDPs, and
> the 
> mechanisms for coordination with other parts of ICANN
> The group would aim to have recommendations completed by the end
> of July 
> 2006.
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