[council] GNSO working group of volunteers conversant with the IDN issues

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Mon Jun 5 03:09:06 UTC 2006

Hello Mawaki,

> And supposedly, we 
> are now volunteering for the latter, to represent the GNSO, 
> am I correct? Or are we still to form the first WG whose size 
> is formally unknown to date?

We are still forming the first working group.

> BTW, a suggestion: could we please have at the GNSO's front 
> page, a link to all the temporary or non statutorial groups - 
> working groups, TFs, (advisory) committees, focus groups, etc.
> etc. I must confess I'm incapabable to tell how many of those 
> we have running currently (even after consulting the web 
> site), and it's embarrassing.

Good idea.


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