[council] [Fwd: GNSO working group of volunteers conversant with the IDN issues]

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 5 18:40:05 UTC 2006

Glen, Marilyn Cade will join Alistair in representing the BC. We may also
add one or two BC members after we conclude some internal discussions.

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The IPC is soliciting volunteers and will submit the names of the
individuals as soon as possible.


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>Dear Council Members,
>The response to date for the call for volunteers for the GNSO 
>working group is:
>The registrar members so far are:
>- Bruce Tonkin, Melbourne IT
>- Werner Staub, CORE (registrar) and .cat
>- Yoav Keren, Domain The Net Technologies (registrar)
>- Paul Diaz, Network Solutions
>Sophia Bekele, CBS International, and Nominating Committee 
>appointee to the GNSO Council
>Avri Doria, Nominating Committee appointee to the GNSO Council
>Ram Mohan, Afilias (operator for .info, .org, .mobi, and .in)
>Alistair Dixon,  Telstra Clear Ltd., and CBUC representative 
>to the GNSO Council + other CBUC participants not yet named.
>Mawaki Chango, NCUC representative to the  GNSO Council
>Thank you very much,
>Kind regards.
>Decision 4: That the GNSO Council forms a GNSO working group 
>of volunteers, conversant with the IDN issues raised in the 
>IDN issues report.
>The purpose of the working group would be to:
>(1) review the Issues Report,
>(2) prioritise the policy issues in the Issues Report for further work,
>(3) develop the terms of reference for an initial policy 
>development process in the area of IDNs within the GNSO,
>(4) propose ways of interacting with ICANN groups such as the 
>President's Advisory Committee on IDNs, the GAC, ALAC, SSAC 
>and other related groups in ICANN, and
>(5) select three representatives to interact with the three 
>ccNSO representatives to form a separate joint GNSO/ccNSO 
>working group to:
>(5.1) agree on the priority issues and determine whether to 
>examine the issues as a single "joint" PDP, or as two separate PDPs
>(5.2) provide a report to the GNSO and ccNSO Councils with 
>recommendations for terms of reference of one or more PDPs, 
>and the mechanisms for coordination with other parts of ICANN 
>The group would aim to have recommendations completed by the 
>end of July 2006.
>Glen de Saint Géry
>GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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