[council] [Fwd: Election Results and list of ballots]

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Thu Jun 22 20:40:06 UTC 2006

Dear Council Members

Please find the voting results forwarded from Kent Crispin.
Each council member will be sent the list individually to check his or 
her vote and these will be confirmed at the GNSO Council meeting in 
Marrakech at 10:00 local time.

Council members who will not be physically present at the meeting have 
been sent the dial in number.

Thank you,
Kind regards,

Here are the results from the election.  I've listed the ballot id and 
the vote for that ballot id, so each voter can verify that their vote 
has been correctly recorded.  Note that some of the ballots were worth 
two votes; in the interests of anonymity I didn't show which ones.  Note 
that this note is being sent to the council list, and hence archived on 
the web.

Round 1 results

B0572e82ffD:20060611151843:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B1f400cebeD:20060613125029:[X] B1 - Michael Geist
B24ba6b0b1D:20060614200921:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard (*)
B2d50444baD:20060615075003:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B32973d298D:20060608222417:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B37a9f2be1D:20060611214015:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B52e3e098cD:20060608083753:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B74923e867D:20060613122026:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard (*)
B7bbb9e143D:20060613113258:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B7e34ad516D:20060612222259:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B816b87f77D:20060612063350:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B87354a987D:20060608104302:[X] B1 - Michael Geist
B92dccb779D:20060608204209:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B9cda7d84fD:20060612222910:[x] B1 - Rita Rodin
Baf2f7fc59D:20060608084128:[x] B1 - Michael Geist
Bc34abd143D:20060609125627:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bc3ac3edc3D:20060608082754:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bc5543485dD:20060613030142:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Beb3e5745aD:20060608084441:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
Beefcfa04eD:20060612154557:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bf278ff9a4D:20060608083726:[X] B1 - Michael Geist

(*) required hand verification

Everyone voted.

Totals (counting those who got 2 votes):
Rita Rodin: 12
Philip Sheppard: 11
Michael Geist: 4


Round 2 results

Votes cast:

B019ad5a68D:20060615100115:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard (*)
B02dd2c346D:20060615220757:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B14f511e95D:20060621060727:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B19ec5c2e0D:20060615102827:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B377dcee24D:20060619022200:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B3a829a592D:20060615162709:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B47fc48f15D:20060615135555:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard (*)
B5263da004D:20060615131637:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B5ca392747D:20060615102707:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B63664fbecD:20060616091740:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B7d83acb40D:20060620005636:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B7df6511cfD:20060615180222:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
B8dc830639D:20060620231637:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
B97c7053aeD:20060615145646:[x] B1 - Rita Rodin
Ba0c86fb26D:20060619111657:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bb0f88bc09D:20060618114007:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bbb64e0fbbD:20060615100357:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
Bbfe98ca3eD:20060621070404:[x] B1 - Philip Sheppard
Bd269bcc95D:20060621030033:[X] B1 - Rita Rodin
Bdbae3f122D:20060621052714:[X] B1 - Philip Sheppard

(*) required hand verification

There was one missing ballot.

Totals (counting those who got 2 votes):
Rita Rodin: 15
Philip Sheppard: 11


Best Regards

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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