[council] Policy Recommendation on privacy from the chair of the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM)'s US Public Policy Committee

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From: Eugene H. Spafford
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Subject: Comment on whois privacy policy


I am the chair of the ACM's US Public Policy Committee.? ACM, the
Association for Computing Machinery http://www.acm.org, is an
educational and scientific society uniting 80,000 of the world?s
computing educators, researchers and professionals to inspire dialogue,
share resources and address the field?s challenges.??The ACM U.S. Public
Policy Committee (USACM) www.acm.org/usacm serves as the focal point for
ACM?s interaction with U.S. government organizations, the computing
community, and the U.S. public in all matters of U.S. public policy
related to information technology.?

We have been informed that recently ICANN approved a new policy about
disclosure of information (privacy)? held in the "whois" database.? ?We
have also been informed that this new policy is being reconsidered as a
result of intense lobbying by various organizations.

The attached is an official policy document of USACM with 24
recommendations for protecting the privacy of personal data held in
collections such as the "whois" database.? We would ask that you refer
to this as a form of "best practice" for the protection of personal
information.? ?Although we are not in a position to register any
specific, formal statement regarding your decision of final disclosure
rules for the "whois" data, we urge you to consider your decisions in
light of our privacy recommendations, and to make decisions consistent
with those recommendations.? To do so is to provide appropriate privacy
to the Internet public.

If you need additional information about these recommendations, please
feel free to contact me . 

Eugene H. Spafford, PhD
Chair, USACM

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