[council] recognition and condolences for family of Liz Dengate Thrush-- DRAFT

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 28 10:35:27 UTC 2006

Dear councilors

I am providing draft text for presentation under "Other Business". Please
respond back to me off list - quickly- with edits. My apologies for the
lateness of this. We would also approve, but not as part of the statement, a
contribution to a memorial fund that is under consideration within the
Internet community, from the GNSO reserve funds, of $250, on behalf of the

The following would be read into the Council's minutes, if the Council

A beloved member of the Internet and ICANN family, Liz Dengate Thrush, was
killed last week in a tragic car accident that also took the life of three
other members of her family. 

Liz was a well known leader and contributor to the Internet, and many of the
ICANN community knew Liz personally through her participation in ICANN's
meetings, and her leadership in InternetNZ and in New Zealand. Liz was the
wife of Peter Dengate Thrush, a long standing contributor and leader in the
global Internet community, and in the New Zealand Internet community, and an
ICANN board member.

The GNSO Council, on behalf of the GNSO, sends heartfelt condolences to
Peter Dengate Thrush, to Liz's and Peter's children, Clare, Phoebe, and
Henry, to the families of Liz and Peter in their tragic loss and to Liz's
many loving friends, for the tragic loss of Liz and other members of their

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