[council] Proposed motion on WHOIS

Ross Rader ross at tucows.com
Wed Jun 28 15:33:56 UTC 2006

Robin Gross wrote:
> I must add my voice to this suggestion by Ross and Norbert.
> As someone who woke up at 3am today to be in the GNSO call, but was not 
> able to hear the discussion to participate in it, I feel at a real 
> disadvantage in understanding what is happening in Marrakesh.
> It seems like those who were unhappy with the outcome of the whois vote 
> are now trying to undo the vote.  This seems quite irregular and 
> inappropriate.

I don't have any real concerns about the regularity of what's being 
suggested (not to diminish your concerns) I'm just seeking to understand 
what's being suggested. I'm still poring over the volume of submissions 
and transcripts in order to get a handle on the context in which this 
motion was made.

It continues to be difficult to participate in remote council 
discussions. It would be helpful if the AV staff worked out a way that 
we could create a Skype bridge directly into the PA system so that we 
get a high-fidelity experience. I understand that there were 
extraordinary difficulties with the Morocco AV, but under ordinary 
circumstances bridging the teleconference facility with a Skype 
connection into the PA should not be a very difficult undertaking.



                        -ross rader
                         general manager,
                         domain direct/netidentity/nameplanet

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