[council] FW: Request from GNSO Council regarding timetable for approving proposed biz, info and org agreements

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Tue Oct 3 03:40:36 UTC 2006

For information - below is a copy of the note that I have sent to the
chair of the ICANN Board in response to the GNSO Council resolution of
28 September 2006.

Bruce Tonkin

To: Vint Cerf, Chair, ICANN Board

From: Bruce Tonkin, Chair, GNSO Council

Cc: John Jeffrey, Company Secretary

Cc: Paul Twomey, President and CEO, ICANN

The GNSO Council during its teleconference of 28 September 2006, passed
the following resolution:

"The GNSO Council resolves:

To request the Board to delay any decision on the .biz .info and .org
agreements until the ICANN Board meeting after the Sao Paolo ICANN
meetings 2006 and to take into account the current outcome of the
PDPFeb06 task force at that time."

Roll call vote. The motion passed.
11 votes in favour,
(Marilyn Cade, Alistair Dixon, Philip Sheppard, Tony Holmes, Greg Ruth,
Robin Gross, Ross Rader(2), Tom Keller(2), Avri Doria)

6 votes against,
(Cary Karp (2), Ken Stubbs (2), June Seo(2))

[Note the representatives from the registrars and registry
constituencies are able to cast two votes each]

(Kiyoshi Tsuru dropped off the call at the time of the vote)

The draft minutes of the meeting are available at:

Bruce Tonkin

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