[council] RE: [gtld-council] GNSO Council Item 4: Proposed bylaws amendment to improve transparency with respect to contract approvals

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Tue Oct 17 07:55:34 UTC 2006

Hello Alistair,

> Jonathan Nevett and I have examined this wording and propose 
> that Council agree to the following new section 7 under the 
> transparency article:
> Notice and comment on gTLD agreement approvals "With respect 
> to any proposed GTLD registry or registrar agreement that 
> includes contractual provisions that would have an effect 
> materially different from other past or current ICANN 
> agreements, ICANN will notify the GNSO Council and post the 
> proposed agreement for public comment on the ICANN website at 
> least twenty-one days (and if practical, longer) prior to any 
> final approval of the agreement."

Thanks for this proposal, and the work that you and Jon Nevett have put
into it.

Just to set expectations, we won't schedule this for decision at this
week's Council meeting, but will discuss the proposal.   To ensure that
all constituencies have ample opportunity to consult with their members,
we aim to have any proposals for voting available to the Council at
least 7 days prior to the meeting.

Bruce Tonkin

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