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Chuck, can you fill us in? I’m happy to post for you to the Council, or
June can, as a councilor. 



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Council Members (with a copy to Chuck Gomes),

I note, via the GA list and the ALAC mailing list, that Verisign has
launched what appear to be new TLDs in an alternate root, or some resolution
equivalent. The Verisign web site contains the following announcement:

VeriSign Now Offering Chinese Character Extensions  
VeriSign Digital Brand Management Services is now offering the following
Chinese character extensions:

*         .中国 (.china) 
*         .公司  (.company) 
*         .网络 (.network)

Domain names cannot exceed 20 characters (each constituting element is
considered as one character). For further details, please contact your
VeriSign Digital Brand Management Services Account Team or Enterprise
Customer Support.


Given the fact that we are currently working on a process for new TLDs,
including new IDN TLDs, this is curious timing. I wonder if we could request
a briefing, first in writing and then at the next council call, from
Verisign about what it is doing technically with these new “TLDs.” The At
Large has raised this as an issue to be addressed within the ALAC, and I
expect that Council will want to look at it as well.

     -- Bret


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