[council] Funding for travel

Tim Ruiz tim at godaddy.com
Tue Dec 4 17:46:00 UTC 2007

I agree. Seems the same level and conditions as for Board members would
make sense.


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Date: Tue, December 04, 2007 10:47 am
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In case I was not heard, I support
Robin. It is time funding support
be provided by ICANN.


Tony Harris

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> Hi,
> I have no issue with writing a note to Paul Twomey, but I have not 
> yet heard form the entire
> council on this, not even from all of the constituencies. So before 
> I do write a note that says
> the entire council is asking for something I would like to hear from 
> others.
> I will add this to the agenda under AOB. In the meantime, I am sure 
> that Denise knows that
> at least part of the council thinks of this as priority. And also, I 
> would like to ask those who
> have not spoke up to give some indication of how they feel about this.
> Thanks
> a.
> On 4 dec 2007, at 00.32, Philip Sheppard wrote:
>> I agree with Robin too.
>> This is exactly the intent.
>> Support no less and no more than nom com.
>> All equal in the sight of the CEO.
>> We hardly need more discussion on this. Council's intent is clear. 
>> Lets cut to the chase.
>> Avri, as our elected Chair, please e-mail Paul Twomey CEO and ask 
>> him directly for full funding for Delhi.
>> Philip

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