[council] Draft of a possible note to the CEO

Norbert Klein nhklein at gmx.net
Tue Dec 4 18:22:00 UTC 2007

Thanks, Avri,

something like that.



Avri Doria wrote:
> Hi,
> While I am still waiting to hear from many council members on this 
> request,
> I  have drafted up a note that can be discussed as well.  Please send 
> your comments
> and recommended edits.
> Possible letter on the funding request:
> -------
> Dear Dr. Twomey,
> I am writing on behalf to the GNSO council with a urgent request for 
> travel funding
> for all GSNO council members for the New Delhi meeting.  A strong 
> majority of those in
> the council, with no dissent, have requested that all GSNO council 
> members receive
> the same consideration for their travel expenses as Nomcom Appointees  
> to the
> council receive.  Several council members have indicated that they 
> will not be able to
> attend the meeting in New Delhi without such support.
> Please get back to me as soon as possible regarding this request.
> Thank you,
> Avri Doria
> Chair, GNSO Council

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