[council] IDN discussion list agenda item

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Mon Dec 17 20:11:30 UTC 2007


We have had this topic pending for a few meetings now.   In the hopes  
of achieving a decision one way or another on this issue, I am  
proposing the following to seed the conversation.  (it is included in  
the docs.google.com motions page at  http://tinyurl.com/2z7mcc)



-- Proposed motion 4 for a GNSO moderated IDN discussion email list

Whereas there have been requests for a list where a public discussion  
of IDN issues facing the GNSO can be discussed by stakeholders and  
constituency members,

Resolved that a trial of an IDN discussion list will be created on the  
following basis:

- The purpose of the list is to allow public discussion of issues  
regarding the creation of IDN TLDs in ICANN namespace

- The Chair of the GNSO council and other volunteers will be  
responsible for monitoring the list and for administering any rules
   as required.

- Membership requests for the list will be reviewed by the list  
moderators on the following basis
   - Membership in the list will be open to any ICANN participant who  
has not been removed from any other ICANN list in the last 6 months.
   - All potential participants will be required to submit a statement  
of interest regarding their participation in the list prior to their  
      to the list.  All such statements will be sent to the list by  
the moderators upon enrollment.

-The List Moderators will be responsible for administering the  
following rules:
   - Participants on the list must restrict themselves to on topic  
   - Participants must not engage in personal attacks on others
   - Participants must follow generally established rules of  
netiquette.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netiquette and the  
references in that
     article will be used by the list monitors as a reference if  
   - The moderators will give a transgressor one private and then one  
public warning of any breach of netiquette, after which time
     a further breach will enable expulsion from the list.  Any such  
warning or expulsion by the moderators must be explicit in terms of
     what rules of email list behavior have been breached.
   - A participant who is expelled from the list may apply for  
reinstatement after 6 months.
     It will be up to the moderators whether the applicant will be re- 

- While GNSO council members are encouraged to participate in the  
conversations on the IDN discussion list, there will be no obligation
   for any council member or the council itself to take specific  
action on any recommendation made on that list.  Any question directed  
   the council will be handled by the list moderators, with council  
consultation when necessary.

- The charter for the IDN discussion list will be reviewed 6 months  
after creation of the list

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