[council] WHO study agenda item - creation of a template for study proposals

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Mon Dec 17 20:34:02 UTC 2007


In terms of this item of the agenda, the design team has been working,  
but there is a slight delay in terms of getting the template out for  
discussion.  I expect the template to be available for the council to  
review starting tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

I propose the following for the discussion:

- Liz will walk us through the template
- Council discussion on the template
- council discussion of the next steps in accordance with our decision  
in LA on studies related to whois:

I propose the following as a starting point for the discussion:

    -- The design team works on filling out the template for a number  
of studies.  This team remains open to new members and
       any GNSO constituency member interested in sponsoring a study  
is encouraged to join the design team.
    -- The form is forwarded on the the chairs of the GAC and ALAC  
because those groups have also indicated an interest in whois studies
    --  the form can be forwarded to the chairs of other groups if  

- Initial proposals are due on 10 January
- The council will review initial proposals for studies at its 17  
January meeting.
- Any proposal approved by the council will then be sent out for bid  
by ICANN staff

- Further proposals for studies may be reviewed at a later time.



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