[council] WHO study agenda item - creation of a template for study proposals

Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Tue Dec 18 12:50:31 UTC 2007


The original charter for the team was to design a template and send it  
to the council for consideration at its 20 Dec meeting.  This template  
would then be made available to the wider community so that those who  
want to champion a specific study can fill it out and submit it for  
council approval.

The design team took a slightly different approach originally and has  
made some progress in detailing the requirements for specific studies,  
though they have not ben done in terms of the current template and are  
not yet ready for wider discussion.  So one idea that has come up in  
off list discussions includes having the council check the template to  
make sure that the council agrees it is being taken in the correct  
direction and then have the design team continue on with the next step  
of defining a few studies using that template, as well as passing it  
on to other ICANN groups who might be interested in contributing ideas  
for studies.

At the very least, I think it is important for the design team to  
deliver the template to the council for discussion as originally  
panned.  If the council then decides that the template is fine and  
that best course of action is to send it back to the design team and  
ask the team fill it out for several different possible studies, I  
think the design team would be glad to take that task on.  On the  
other hand the council could decide to go with the original plan and  
make the template available to the wider community.  Or we could  
choose some hybrid approach.

At the very least, this is a checkpoint in the progress of the work  


On 18 dec 2007, at 03.15, Philip Sheppard wrote:

> Avri,
> why is the detail of a studies template being discussed by Council  
> and not the small group
> we have set up ?
> I do not understand this elevation of detailed work to Council.
> Why do we establish small groups for specific issues if we do not  
> trust them to do the
> detailed work?
> Philip

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