[council] WHOIS study template for GNSO consideration

liz.gasster liz.gasster at icann.org
Wed Dec 19 01:39:38 UTC 2007

GNSO Councilors,


Attached please find a draft template for your consideration, developed by
our subgroup, that can be used to suggest studies on WHOIS.  Once reviewed
and approved by the Council, this template will be used to solicit ideas for
studies of WHOIS from GNSO councilors, constituencies and from the SOs and
ACs.  It can also be posted to solicit public comments following Council


Pending Council approval of the template, the design team may also continue
on with the next step of defining a few studies using that template, and
passing those on to other ICANN groups that might be interested in
contributing ideas for studies.



Thanks, Liz


Liz Gasster

Senior Policy Counselor


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