[council] Details of the vote on the motion for a PDP on IGO Dispute Resolution Procedures that failed

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Thu Dec 20 22:01:39 UTC 2007

Dear Council Members,

Ahead of the complete minutes, please find the details of the vote on 
the motion for a PDP on IGO Names Dispute Resolution Procedures that 
failed at the Council meeting today.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.
Kind regards,


Motion proposed by Avri Doria and seconded by Kristina Rosette

- The Issues report for IGO
  has been released and discussed

- and in response to a council resolution the staff has produced a
proposal for an IGO dispute resolution procedure

- and subsequent  to GNSO resolution 20071120-1 to postpone the vote on
commencing a PDP until 20 December 2007, the IPC prepared a proposal for
a revised IGO DRP

Resolves The GNSO will initiate a PDP to discuss the creation of a PDP
on IGO Dispute Resolution Procedures

The motion failed

5 Votes in favour: Philip Sheppard, Mike Rodenbaugh, Kristina Rosette,
Cyril Chua, Tony Holmes (one vote each)

10 Votes against: Tom Keller, Jordi Iparraguirre, Chuck Gomes, Edmon
Chung, (two votes each) Robin Gross, Norbert Klein.(one vote each)

2 Abstentions: Avri Doria, Olga Cavalli (one vote each)

Reasons for Abstention:
Avri Doria - GNSO Chair, Nominating Committee appointee - conflict of
interest based on being a frequent consultant for the United Nations.
Olga Cavalli - Nominating Committee appointee -  did not have time as a
new Council member to form an opinion.

Absent Councillors who did not vote: Bilal Beiram, Ute Decker, Carlos
Souza, Jon Bing (one vote each) Adrian Kinderis, Tim Ruiz (two votes each)

Councillors who dropped off the line: Tony Harris, Greg Ruth (one vote each)
Total 27 Votes

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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