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I want to compliment Ross and the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy
planning group for fulfilling the prioritization task and would like to
put forward some ideas for next steps.  It seems unlikely that a PDP
covering all 19 items would be practical or wise and Ross indicated as
much when I questioned him in our last meeting.  It also seems
impractical to initate 19 separate PDPs whether that happened
sequentially or simultaneously.  Therefore, I suggest that we consider
the following follow-up actions:

1. Ask the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy planning group if they would
be willing to do a little more work in support of this area.

2. If they are willing, task them with developing and recommending a
plan to the Council for proceeding with several PDPs to deal with the 19
items.  Such a plan could involve any of the following tasks but would
not need to be limited to: organizing the 19 items into groups of issues
that could possibly be considered together in the same PDP; prioritizing
groups; identifying any items that may not have sufficient value to
warrant PDP consideration.

3. If they are not willing, form a new group to accomplish the tasks in

Clearly, the ideal solution would seem to me to be to enlist the support
of the existing group because they are well versed on the issues.


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Here is the report Ross spoke of in yesterday's meting.  I have put a
first discussion of this on the agenda for 17 January as requested in
yesterday's meeting.

Thanks to Ross and the other members of the Inter-registrar Transfers
Prioritization WG for their efforts.


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