[council] Telnic WHOIS solution

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Sat Dec 29 07:22:18 UTC 2007

Hello All,

The Board approved the proposed Telnic solution to WHOIS at its meeting
last week.

The solution is documented at:

I thought it would be useful to summarise some of the key components.

(1) Telnic distinguishes between "Legal Persons" and "Natural Persons".

(2) A Natural Person may opt-out of the disclosure of their personal
information to the general public.

(3) If a Natural Person chooses to opt-out, the following information
will be disclosed to the general public:

Domain Name, Domain ID, Sponsoring Registrar, 
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID, Domain Status, Registrant ID, Registrant
Name, Name Server, created by registrar, 
last updated by registrar, domain registration date, domain expiration
date, and domain last updated date.

(4) There is a "Special Access Service" for those that require the
personal information of a Natural Person.
Requestors must be able to demonstrate a legitimate need for access to
such personal information.

(5) To access the "Special Access Service", a requestor needs only to
fill-in an online form once.

The requestor will be required to submit their Company Name, Contact
Name, Address (street address, city, state, postal code, and country),
Email Address and Telephone Number. To confirm that the requestor is a
verifiable person or company a personal identification number and a URL
link will be mailed or sent by courier to the postal address provided by
the requestor. The cost of such courier service will be at the
requestor's expense.   

The link that was sent to the requestor will take them to a secure
Special Access Service activation page. The 
requestor will then enter their personal identification number in order
to activate their Special Access Service 
account.  Upon activation, a user name and password will be sent to the
email address provided by the requestor 
above. The user name and password provided to the requestor will be used
to access the Special Access Service, 
subject to the terms and conditions being met for each new request. 

After logging into the Special Access Service, the requestor will
complete an information request form indicating 
the domain name about which additional information is requested, and
they will be required to demonstrate a 
legitimate need to access this additional information by selecting the
reason such access is requested from a drop 
down menu. If the appropriate reason is not listed in the drop down
menu, the requestor must select "Other" and 
specify the reason. The requestor will also be required to agree (via a
click through agreement) to accept the terms 
and conditions of access, which specify the following: 

(i) they have a legitimate reason for accessing the 

(ii) they will not use the data for marketing purposes, spamming,
data-mining, or unlawful purposes, 
iii) they will not share information derived from the Special Access
Service with any individual or entity that is not  bound by the terms of
the Special Access Service except as necessary to accomplish the
specified, legitimate purpose 

(iv) they will not share their user name and password with any
unauthorised third parties, 

(v) they understand and acknowledge that they will be accessing personal
information, and 

(vi) they understand and 
acknowledge that the Registry Operator records information about all
searches of the Special Access Service 
(including the reason for such search).  To prevent data-mining and
other forms of bulk data access, each Special Access Service request
will be limited to  five (5) queries per twenty four (24) hours. 

Bruce Tonkin

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