[council] Nomination of a candidate as chair of the GNSO COuncil

Norbert Klein nhklein at gmx.net
Thu May 10 19:44:04 UTC 2007

Dear GNSO Council Colleagues,

I would like to propose to elect Avri Doria as our new chairperson.

Others have spoken about her qualifications. I would like to add by 
sharing my reasons why I consider her candidacy to be constructive.

As you know, I sometimes make references to the fact that I live in 
Cambodia – now already since 16 years – and this experience of working 
in a very volatile and often confrontational situation has and continues 
to influence my way of thinking.

We just had local elections, we will have national election in 2008. 
There are those who do not like the uncertainties which elections bring 
- “it would be better to build consensus without multiple choices which 
create divisions, and we have the experience that there are 
organizations which can shape such consensus” - and there are again 
others who think that to have open choices, presented to all who have a 
say, is opening up new ways for all to cooperate, for all to equally 
commit to work together, under the leadership which gets the broadest 
community support for a term – even from different sectors of society.

All this is quite new in Cambodia. But I often say that this openness is 
the way in which democratic societies normally work: to build on 
balanced cooperation from among different interests.

In the GNSO, especially related to the protracted WHOIS considerations, 
we came close to paralyzing polarizations. It is also with this in the 
back of my mind that I think that Avri – as a NomCom appointed member of 
the GNSO not representing any of the constituencies – would be in an 
excellent position to help us all to cooperate.

With my best greetings,

Norbert Klein

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