[council] Draft Agenda for Council meeting - Thursday 24 May 2007

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Wed May 16 12:52:21 UTC 2007

Hello All,

Below is a draft agenda for the Council meeting next week. 

Bruce Tonkin

Coordinated Universal Time UTC 12:00
(5:00 LA, 8:00 Washington DC, 13:00 London, 14:00 Brussels, 22:00
Melbourne, 00:00 Auckland 

Draft Agenda for Council meeting - Thursday 24 May 2007

Item 0: Roll call of Council members present physically or available via

Item 1: Update any statements of interest

Item 2: Approval of minutes
- minutes for 28 March 2007
- minutes for 12 April 2007

Item 3: Update on election process for GNSO Council chair
- GNSO Secretariat to provide an update

Item 4: Proposed motion to create a Vice-Chair role:

The GNSO Council agrees to create a position of Vice-chair to act as
Chair in situations when the Chair is temporarily unavailable to do so.

Item 5:  Motion to request issues report on protecting IGO names and

Whereas, the GNSO Council recognizes the recommendation put forward by
the IPC Constituency regarding possible measures in line with WIPO-2 to
protect International Intergovernmental Organizations (IGO) names and
abbreviations as domain names.

Whereas, the GNSO Council notes that measures to protect IGO names and
abbreviations are requested in the GAC principles for New gTLDs.

Whereas, the GNSO Council notes that WIPO is the maintenance agency for
the authoritative list of relevant IGO names and abbreviations protected
under Article 6ter of the Paris Convention
(http://www.wipo.int/article6ter/en/ ).

The GNSO Council requests that the staff produce an issues report on the
policy issues associated with adequately handling disputes relating to
IGO names and abbreviations as domain names.

The GNSO Council also requests that the staff liaise with WIPO to
utilize its knowledge and experience of WIPO-2.

Item 6: ALAC request for an issues report on domain tasting

- note request under clause 1(c) of the GNSO Policy Development Process

- proposal to schedule consideration of the issues report at the San
Juan meeting of the GNSO Council, and get input from the constituencies
during the meeting (under clause 3(b) of the PDP)

Item 7: any other business

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