[council] Draft minutes of the GNSO Council teleconference 12 April 2007

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Thu May 17 04:12:09 UTC 2007

Hello Chuck,

> Under agenda item 5, Ratify WHOIS working group statement of 
> work and appoint an interim chair, shortly after Maria's list 
> of six changes, the minutes say, "Reference Council's 3 
> decision and summarise what they were about in two or three 
> sentences . . ."  What does 'reference Council's 3 decision' 
> mean?  Does it mean reference the previous three decisions 
> made by the Council regarding the previous Whois WG? (Note 
> that the first URL did not work for me.) 

Note it relates to three decisions made by the GNSO Council with respect
to the work of the WHOIS task force (e.g the decision regarding the
definition of purpose).   I had submitted an email to the Council list
prior to the meeting that set out these decisions - so this was just
short-hand in the minutes. 
I will ask Glen to check that the links are working properly.   The
material was incorporated into the statement of work.

Bruce Tonkin

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