[council] An issue or not an issue - that is the question

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Mon May 28 02:03:12 UTC 2007

Hello Mawaki,

> Have we, documented, any cases where PDP was not initiated after
> an issues report has been requested by the council and, well...,
> issued?

We are great at documentation - but not good are organising that
documentation :-)

Ie we certainly have all the minutes  of the meetings, and draft

Go here for a reasonable list of "issues":


We did commission an issues report on IDNs:

I don't think the issues report was ever finalised.  We did decide to
form a working group to examine the issues further.  My understanding is
that the IDN issues are currently being treated as types of new gTLDs,
and the work of the working group is being incorporated into the final
report with respect to implementation guidelines.

So I think this is an example of where we called for an issues report
but didn't proceed to a full PDP.  

There have also been various reviews of existing policy (transfers and
UDRP) - but we haven't yet decided to proceed to a PDP to update those

E.g see:

Bruce Tonkin

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