[council] Draft Agenda for Council meeting - Thursday 7 June 2007

Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Wed May 30 07:33:33 UTC 2007

Further to discussion on how we handle the gTLD report.

1. I would still like to hear a counter-argument to the principles I outlined earlier
regarding the objective of Council working as a committee of the whole.

2. For the record the BC does not support any recommendations characterised informally by
Chuck as "Broad agreement" without the safety net of those recommendations characterised
informally as "Work Ongoing".   We have all worked diligently on this and see the report as
an integrated whole. 

If it is to be separated, we will likely be forced to vote against systematically.
If it is to be separated we will likely be forced to vote against a committee of the whole
approach for any future PDP based on its meaningless approach.

To date we hear from just one constituency calling for this separate approach. Lets hear
from others before we decide as Council how we will vote on our own work.

BC rapporteur

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